Why You Should Go Hiking

by - April 07, 2017

Hiking is one of my absolute favourite hobbies and one that I wish I had more time for, with our busy working lives it can be difficult to find enough time to escape into the countryside but I find it such a rewarding activity when you do get around to it and here’s why…

1.You get to spend time in the great outdoors 
It’s called great for a reason! Hiking gives you the opportunity to go out and explore, I'm lucky enough to have the Peak District practically on my doorstep (well, only a 40 minute dive away) and it really is beautiful! But if you don’t have somewhere that close or fancy more of a challenge it gives you the opportunity to visit new places truly it is an international activity!

hollins cross castleton
The view from Hollins Cross, Castleton
2. It’s a good way of keeping fit 
Who’d have thought that walking could be difficult? It really can be a test of your stamina to get up some of those hills and you’ll definitely find an increase in your lung capacity if you keep it up! It’s an excellent way to keep up a good level of fitness without an expensive gym membership

snow at mam tor castleton
The deep snow at Mam Tor - I'm not normally taller than the sign!

3. It’s cheap (if you want it to be) 
If there’s something I love it’s getting value for money. Hiking is one of those hobbies that can cost as much or as little as you like, all you really need is a pair of boots. My current pair (which now unfortunately need replacing) have lasted for 10 years before the grip and waterproofing started to fail and they were a simple £25 pair from Decathlon (Similar Here). If anyone has recommendations for my next pair I’d love to hear them I'm thinking of doing quite an upgrade!

lud's church staffordshire
Not all good views are from above - Lud's Church, Staffordshire
4. It’s a gateway hobby
Taking an interest in hiking can quite easily lead on to other interests, something I always do when I'm out is take my camera and get a few good landscape shots and we’re also thinking of starting some rock climbing in the summer months! So whether you simply want to improve your photography or want to take on some new challenges like caving or perhaps gain a few practical camping skills it can all stem from here!

view of mam tor and edale girl hiking
The Stunning view back towards Kinder, Edale
5. It’s rewarding 
In so many ways. Not only will you get fitter, meet new people, gain some new skills and increase your geography knowledge there’s nothing that beats that view when you've struggled to the top of a mountain – or the bath when you've made it back home!

So that's why I love to get out and climb in the hills. I'll be out doing Grindsbrook Clough (Edale) on Good Friday and I can't wait to get back out there! 

Do you enjoy hiking? Where are your favourite places to walk?

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  1. Love the idea of going hiking - the views always look so amazing! Great post! x


    1. It's always worth it for the view :D