A Blog Announcement!

by - May 10, 2017

You may have noticed way back at the beginning of the year as I fired this blog back up again that there were a few changes, mainly the name! Starlight & Stitches came into being and in case you were a little confused as to why it's called that than be confused no longer...

janome sewing project

Starlight & Stitches was intended to be a blog more focused on my new found hobby of sewing. Since taking up lessons in January I've been eager to have a place to share my projects and hopefully inspire a few more people to take up the skill! Don't worry though I'll also be posting more fashion and beauty based blogs on here too so it's not going to be too niche - there might be a few home blogs too!

If sewing, fashion and beauty aren't your thing and you've been here for the travel, fitness and lifestyle then fear not as I have the perfect place for you...

lyme park trust10

Coffee & Avocados is a new running, fitness, travel and lifestyle blog which is joint venture between myself and my boyfriend James. We're only just starting to get things kicked off over there so it would mean the world to us if you went and checked it out! Plus followed us if you like it and want to see some more content... 

I hope you'll enjoy the more focused content and I'm happy to be getting back into a more regular blogging regime again after such a chaotic April! Keep your eyes peeled this week for my first sewing related post, my first ever hand made item of clothing!

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